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May 24, 2022

GFI Hive Financing Nature Podcast Episode #19 Taskforce on Nature Markets

In this episode of Financing Nature from GFI Hive, co-chairs of the Secretariat, Simon Zadek and Marcelo Furtado of Finance for Biodiversity, share the Taskforce on Nature Markets' ambitions, and its work to embed "nature positive and equitable impact" across global markets.

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Governing carbon markets - 3 design principles to build integrity and compliance
April 26, 2022

NEW F4B PAPER: Governing Carbon Markets

Rapidly growing nature markets require well-designed standards and a comprehensive governance system to ensure that public purpose is not subsumed by private interests.

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Banner showing the three key webinar speakers - Dr Simon Zadek, Chairman of Finance for Biodiversity, Dr Vian Sharif, Founder of Nature Alpha, and Simon Mills, Senior Consultant at Z/Yen Group. Below, there are logos of Taskforce on Nature Markets, Finance for Biodiversity Initiative, Nature Alpha and FS Club.
April 12, 2022

WEBINAR: Nature As The Next Wave

Nature has surged from the margins of market consideration to become a significant factor in assessing physical and transition risk. Join Dr Vian Sharif and Dr Simon Zadek, with chair Simon Mills, as they explore this development and its implications for the investment community.

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An aerial photo of a river flowing through a vivid green forest
March 31, 2022

Press Release: Launch of Global Taskforce to Align New ‘Nature Markets’ With Sustainability Goals

Thursday 31 March 2022 – Finance for Biodiversity (F4B) today announces the launch of a global Taskforce to ensure that emerging nature markets deliver nature positive and equitable outcomes, and contribute to meeting climate goals.

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Cover for a whitepaper Future of Nature Markets
March 31, 2022

NEW PAPER: The Future of Nature Markets

‘The Future of Nature Markets’​ establishes where we are in the evolution of nature markets, a work-in-progress framework of their various forms, and areas that need to be addressed in ensuring that nature markets deliver equitable, nature positive outcomes.

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A tree diagram showing how nature and nature markets are at the centre of the economy
March 31, 2022

Three types of Nature Markets

A three-way classification of nature markets to help highlight the breadth and diversity of what the Taskforce is referring to as nature markets. The three types include: Intrinsic Nature Markets, Offset Nature Markets and Derivative Nature Markets.

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