Taskforce on
Nature Markets

Shaping a new generation of nature markets that delivers nature positive and equitable outcomes

Disregard and
destruction of nature

Nature and its contributions have historically been mis-valued, and its economic benefits inequitably distributed. Our current model sees the economy outside of nature and treats it as an afterthought.

A surge in the
monetarisation of nature

The increasing value attributed to nature could make a major positive difference, but unchecked monetarisation of nature could result in another round of nature-destructive and inequitable outcomes.

An historic opportunity

The future of the global economy and livelihoods depends on a living and thriving nature. By placing nature and equity at the heart of nature markets, we can reset the relationship between us, our global economy, and nature.

What are Nature Markets?

Three key types of nature markets, highlighting their breadth and diversity.

  • Intrinsic markets - the trade of nature itself e.g. food, nature-based medical products, wood products, the sale of sand, earth and minerals, the nature value of tourism
  • Offset markets - investments and/or trade in aspects of nature to offset a negative impact elsewhere e.g. emerging biodiversity credit markets
  • Derivative markets - trade instruments that reflect the value of nature embodied in the underlying economic assets and enterprises e.g. nature-related risk markets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

About the Task Force on Nature Markets​

The Taskforce on Nature Markets has been established with the objective of shaping a new generation of nature markets that delivers nature positive and equitable outcomes. Our ‘Call to Action’ is to establish an ambitious, practical framework for building principles-based nature markets.

Drawing of a line on a chart showing exponential growth

Map Existing and Emerging Approaches and Experiences

Drawing of lines forming a swirl

Build Awareness of Opportunities and Risks

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Grow a Community of Practitioners

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Encourage Innovations and Innovative People

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Recommending and Advancing Standards of Practices

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Initiating and Supporting Pathfinder Initiatives

Taskforce Members​

The Taskforce on Nature Markets leadership brings together a unique combination of perspectives and capabilities in addressing its mission. Drawn from policy, legal and governance, finance, technology, civil society and indigenous communities, the Taskforce has the ability to engage and connect these active, aligned communities.

Meet the members

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the principles that guide the work of the Taskforce on Nature Markets?
How does the Taskforce on Nature Markets ensure that the monetarisation of nature does not lead to the privatisation of nature?
Who does the Taskforce on Nature Markets want to engage with?
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