About the Taskforce on Nature Markets​

The Taskforce is shaping a new generation of purposeful nature markets that delivers nature positive and equitable outcomes, and contributes to meeting climate goals.

Our Goals

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Map Existing and Emerging Approaches and Experiences

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Build Awareness of Opportunities and Risks

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Grow a Community of Practitioners

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Encourage Innovations and Innovative People

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Recommending and Advancing Standards of Practices

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Initiating and Supporting Pathfinder Initiatives

Our mission​

Our ‘Call to Action’ is to establish an ambitious, practical governance framework for building principles-based nature markets.

Our opportunity

As we enter this new phase in the nature-economy nexus, we have an historic opportunity to shape tomorrow’s nature markets, helping to maximise their positive potential and mitigate associated risks.

Our work​

The Taskforce seeks to build awareness of nature markets, develop communities of practice, encourage innovations, establish a roadmap of recommendations for key actors, and highlight a number of exemplary pathfinder initiatives.

Our members​

The success of the Taskforce on Nature Markets depends on its ability to engage and connect active, aligned communities of practice. This approach is guided by a remarkable group of members drawn from policy, legal and governance, market, technology, civil society and indigenous communities. Members are supported by a dedicated group of knowledge partners.

The Taskforce is an initiative of, and hosted by NatureFinance. It benefits from the broader portfolio of NatureFinance’s work and the extensive knowledge of its partners and networks.

The Taskforce on Nature Markets is supported by the MAVA Foundation.