Biodiversity Credit Markets Cover
April 19, 2023
Knowledge Product

Biodiversity Credit Markets: The role of law, regulation and policy

This Taskforce on Nature Markets paper, prepared in collaboration with Pollination, explores requirements and recommendations for a legal, policy and regulatory framework to guide the development of high integrity biodiversity credit markets. With robust governance and integrity measures, these markets have the potential to deliver nature-positive and equitable outcomes while providing an innovative and scalable source of finance for nature.

The Future of Biodiversity Credit Markets Cover
February 28, 2023
Knowledge product

The Future of Biodiversity Credit Markets

This consultation paper provides both a framing of biodiversity credit markets and practical proposals for these markets to deliver the financing and incentives needed for businesses and economies to better align with the Global Biodiversity Framework and the Paris Agreement.

Soft Commodities Scoping Paper Cover
January 19, 2023
Knowledge Product

Soft Commodities Scoping Paper

This Taskforce on Nature Markets paper, with the Igarapé Institute, explores the insights shared by industry experts and insiders across food, agriculture, finance, international trade and sustainability, with the goal of identifying market interventions that could promote nature positive and equitable outcomes, alongside four revealing regional case studies.

The Rights of Nature Cover
December 20, 2022
Knowledge Product

The Rights of Nature: Developments and implications for the governance of nature markets

This Taskforce on Nature Markets paper, with Matthew Doncel, maps the emerging legal developments at the intersection of nature, law, and human rights, with a specific focus on the implications of Rights of Nature for nature market governance.

Embedding Equity in Nascent Nature Credit Markets cover
December 15, 2022
Knowledge Product

Embedding Equity in Nascent Nature Credit Markets

This Taskforce Knowledge Product, with Ralph Chami and Andreas Merkl, maps the risks and equity implications of emerging nature credit markets as a rapidly growing asset class, and as new markers for ecosystem services develop.

Global Nature Markets Landscaping Study cover
December 7, 2022
Knowledge Product

Global Nature Markets Landscaping Study

This Taskforce on Nature Markets report, with knowledge partners Vivid Economics by McKinsey, landscapes for the first time the current economic value of nature markets, providing a more technical taxonomy, analysis, and trends.

Nature in an Era of Crises
September 22, 2022

Nature in an Era of Crises

This paper presents the findings of the Taskforce on Nature Markets’ initial landscaping phase. It maps key aspects of nature markets and includes a systematic economic quantification of nature markets globally, in USD. The paper also offers insights into legal frameworks and rights of nature as well as considerations for embedding equity in nature markets. In an era of multifaceted crises, the paper calls for robust governance of rapidly expanding nature markets to avoid greenwash, halt illegal markets and deliver nature positive and more equitable outcomes.

Future of Nature Markets Whitepaper cover
March 31, 2022

The Future of Nature Markets​

This paper sets out challenges and opportunities associated with the surge in monetarisation of nature across the global economy. It has been prepared as the anchor ‘white paper’ to set the scene and inform the work of the Taskforce on Nature Markets.