September 13, 2022

Climate Week NYC Event: Nature in an Era of Crises

This in-person and online event, in partnership with Columbia Climate School, officially launched the Taskforce on Nature Markets Interim Report ‘Nature in an Era of Crises’.

Nature in an Era of Crises

Our $95 trillion global economy is 100% dependent on nature. Yet historic underpricing of nature has led to its unprecedented degradation and inequitable outcomes. Today, the increasing value attributed to nature and its services presents an opportunity to transform the practice and behavior of markets to integrate the value of nature and its stewards into its core.

The Taskforce on Nature Markets is driving greater awareness of nature markets, encouraging innovations, and growing a diverse community of practice committed to shaping better governance of key nature-linked markets including carbon, nature credits and soft commodities.

Join us for a deep dive into the findings of the Taskforce landscaping phase. Panelists will unpack questions including what we mean by a ‘nature market’, how big they are, and why better governance of these markets can channel investments towards economic assets that deliver equitable, nature positive outcomes, and away from those that do not.

Panelists include:

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