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Monique Atouguia

Knowledge Manager

Monique Atouguia is a writer, researcher and consultant, largely within the realm of policy analysis, advisory and advocacy. She has worked and published on a broad range of issues - from the governance gap on the African continent, to a range of sector specific policy and implementation recommendations; from the grossly unequal gendered experiences within the South African film and television industry to analysis of youth leadership initiatives on the African continent. Hitherto Monique has worked in consulting, specialising in conflict resolution, consensus-building, multi-stakeholder relations and policy advisory. Before that, she led and coordinated the African Leadership Initiative’s Project Pakati, which advocated for the continent’s leaders to address the governance gap with greater urgency, putting forward specific policy recommendations and interventions to this end; this project partnered with the African Union Office of the Youth Envoy to realise these objectives. Prior to that, Monique worked as a Policy Analyst at the Centre for Development and Enterprise, South Africa’s leading developmental think tank, where she worked on a range of projects. Monique is completing her Masters in Organisational and Institutional Studies (Wits), has a BA Honours (with distinction) in Justice and Transformation (UCT) and a BA Undergraduate in Economic History, Political Science and English Literary Studies (UCT).

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