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Entrepreneur, Advocate and Oceanographer

Nakul Saran was previously Chief Operating Officer of Sea the Future, Minderoo Foundation’s global industry-led initiative to end plastic leakage to nature and accelerate the transition toward a circular plastics economy. At Sea the Future, Nakul leads a global team spanning Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States to design innovative market-based mechanisms that can enable plastics circularity and kick-start commercially viable recycling markets. He also oversees the initiative’s programs on Transparency, Advocacy, and Technology & Innovation. Nakul’s work has largely focused on developing financing and governance solutions to restore the world’s fragile ecosystems. Prior to joining Minderoo, he served as an independent consultant for major public and social sector clients including the World Bank, World Economic Forum, and Friends of Ocean Action. From 2016 to 2018, he was the Head of Special Projects and Sustainability at Tata Trusts, where he was responsible for the organization’s portfolio on energy, climate change, and the environment in India. A passionate lover of oceans, Nakul has served as Vice President, Fish Forever at Rare, where he led the global conservation organization’s efforts to revitalize oceans, scaling the program to span five countries and over 100 coastal communities, and was awarded the Mulago Foundation’s Rainer Arnhold Fellowship for his leadership. He also spent seven years at McKinsey and Company, where he led the Oceans and Fisheries service within the Sustainability and Resource Productivity Practice. Nakul holds master’s degrees in Ocean Engineering and Engineering Management from Florida Institute of Technology.

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